launched in March 2017 as a publisher of Forest Journalism for a Sustainable Future. We welcome submission in any of our open categories. Multiple submissions, or concurrent submissions are fine, but please withdraw materials as soon as they have been accepted elsewhere. We will on occasion publish previously published works. Please make sure any such submission clearly identifies that the work has been previously published, and provide links to that publication.
Our reading time is generally 1-2 weeks.

Are you a forest dweller? A forest aficionado? We're looking for photo essays of between a dozen and two dozen photographs that showcase a particular forest and its natural attributes. Include a brief essay of no more than 500 words telling readers why the area is important to you and to others. 

Please upload multiple photos and include cutlines/descriptions for each photo in a single zip file below.

Yes, we accept letters to the editor at Treesource! Do you have an idea to share, or a commentary, based on one of our stories? Here's where to submit your letter. Please limit yourself to 500 words, and include a short bio line at the end of your submission, so readers know a bit about your background and the context of your letter. We require all letter writers to use their name, and to be respectful of all others. This is intended as a forum for reasoned, thoughtful, respectful discussion.

Treesource is looking for submissions for consideration as a Travels through Trees feature. These stories are personal travelogues that take readers along with you to explore a forest of special significance -- be it significant to you personally or to the larger community, region or world.

Each submission should include a story of 750 to 1,000 words that shows readers how to reach the destination and then takes them on a personal tour of the area. Show us why we should visit these trees and what we'll see. What did this place mean to you? What does it mean to our larger community?

Each story should be accompanied by a sidebar/box that provides an "at a glance" look at the destination. It should answer these questions:

Where are we going?
What's there?
I bet you didn't know ...
Tell me more ...
Someone said ... 

You should follow the example provided by our inaugural Travel through Trees feature story and sidebar/box, attached here. The example will show you how to answer the questions in the sidebar/box.

Finally, be sure to provide photos of your Travel through Trees destination, and a map showing its location.

Most of all, have fun!